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European GP Qualifying

That was exactly what I’d been hoping for: Vettel on pole with Webber in second. Well…except I suppose if I ran the universe, Webber would have been slightly less cranky about it. But! I’m generally very happy.

With the results, anyway. Make that most of the results.  Not-happy-making results included:

1. Bruno Senna’s last-place finish.  He said on his Twitter that a small mistake in the middle sector cost him dearly.  Well, as he put it, “Tomorrow is another day.”

2. Schumacher’s qualifying in 15th position.  After his impressive last-minute effort got him into Q2, I started getting hopeful that he might do something further to silence the haters.  Apparently there were car issues for both Mercedes GP drivers, though, with Rosberg also not doing nearly as well as he had hoped (or as it looked like he might, in light of his performance in Friday practice).

Here’s something else I was less than happy with: the Speed Channel’s coverage.  Am I just being way too ridiculously obsessive, or is the fact that today’s qualifying was not exactly live really, really irritating?  Sure, it wasn’t as totally, 100% not live by several hours as, for example, qualifying for the Canadian GP—but still.  I usually (okay, always) follow the teams’ Twitter accounts, BBC live blog commentary, etc., as I’m watching qualifying (and the race—oh, don’t even get me started on how incandescently furious I am about the race being shown at noon tomorrow), but I had to step away from the computer entirely this morning because I was getting spoiled for the results!  If you’re going to start the broadcast with a bunch of interviews, could you at least start it a bit earlier to allow time for them?

Oh, wait—sorry!  Never mind.  For a second there, I’d almost forgotten how much contempt FOX/Speed has for F1 fans.  Not sure how I could have forgotten, considering I don’t have DVR and therefore had to watch F1 Debrief at 2:00 am this morning.  2:00 am, guys?  Seriously?  I guess you wouldn’t want there to be any danger of it interfering with a super-fabulous monster truck rally or anything NASCAR related.

Um.  To end on a happier note, I loved these photos posted on The Fifth Driver’s Twitter after qualifying.  How jealous am I of this fan?  SO.  SO VERY.  :-)

A delighted #f1 fan gets Sebastian Vettel to take a shot of h... on Twitpic And Lewis returns the favour by snapping the #f1 fan posing w... on Twitpic

Edited to add: Because no one is actually reading this blog (yet?), I don’t feel bad about editing this post a hundred times with further information. I just want to state for the record that my issues with the Speed Channel don’t have anything to do with the team of F1 commentators.  I like those guys (mostly) and enjoy watching and listening to (most of) them.  They aren’t the ones making the poor programming choices on the channel.  Well…I assume.  I really don’t think Steve Matchett or David Hobbs would be inclined to give F1 short shrift.  I like to think that if it were up to them, tomorrow’s Grand Prix would be shown live.


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