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European GP Raises My BP

Man, I hardly know what to say about all that.  Of course, I’ve had a few glasses of wine now, and I hardly know what to say about anything.

I was seriously all about Vettel winning this race. And, despite my best some effort that wasn’t a huge amount yet was more than one might have realistically expected if they knew me—I was spoiled and knew Vettel was going to win the race.  But that was ALL.  For all I knew, my dad was going to suddenly be driving for a new team called “Toyota Highlander GP” and end up on the podium.

Anyway, so when Webber had his terrible, horrible, monstrous, scary crash with Heikki Kovalainen, I couldn’t have been more shocked and terrified and closer to choking on my turkey sandwich (which I really almost did).  My God.  I can’t even.  I don’t even want to commit to type what was going through my head.

And then he got out of the car. And walked away.  And I swallowed the bite of my sandwich and started crying.

I had just been complaining about his sulkiness yesterday!  Please just forget that ever happened!  Can I turn back time and not say that shit?  Please?

Anyway, I found it difficult to concentrate on the rest of the race.  I mean, I did concentrate on it, but I kept seeing the crash from Webber’s onboard camera perspective: car, car even closer, sky, clouds, sky, nothing.

So, even though I have some thoughts about Ferrari and their complaints and the Safety Car and Sebastian Vettel’s awesome talent, I just am not yet up to talking about it intelligently (if I ever talk about anything intelligently – sometimes I wonder). Also, did I mention the wine?  PLEASE BLAME THE WINE.


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