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Mark Webber Less Fazed Than You Would Be

And this—along with money, fame, talent, etc.—would be what sets F1 drivers apart from lesser mortals like me.

“Obviously you get a bit concerned when that happens.

“But fortunately I walked away from it and when you race for as long as us guys do you’re going to have the odd big one here and there.”

Hahaha! “That” = enormous airborne upside-down 200-mph horrifying crash from hell.  “A bit concerned.” Yes, I’d be a bit concerned, too. I’d be concerned about getting a change of overalls, for one thing.

Things I’ve also recently learned about Mark Webber: (1) The first tape he ever bought was Madonna, (2) he cried while watching Marley and Me, and (3) his dream date is Pink. The man is a dashing, square-jawed, enigma wrapped in riddle…


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