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Hungarian GP: I Did Not Take a Nap During This Race

It would be a bit hypocritical of me to be too strenuously critical of Schumacher’s extremely aggressive driving toward the end of today’s race, so I think I’ll just let others enjoy hashing that one out — although I guess I’m inclined to think that (at the very least) it was a bit much when there was only one point at stake!  I will be interested to see whether he’s penalized.

OH — that would be a “yes.”  Ten-spot grid penalty in Belgium.

Altogether, the race was a lot more eventful and exciting than I think many people were expecting.  It never makes me happy to see Sebastian Vettel fail to capitalize on pole position — but it sure does seem like I’m in the minority there.  I suppose we can now look forward to, among other veins of Vettel ridicule, hundreds of comments about how sullen and pissed off and pouty the “big baby” was on the podium.  How dare he not spray his champagne with much gusto!  Well, it’s a good thing Mark Webber never gets visibly furious when things don’t go well for him, right?  Oh wait…

Hey, as I’ve said before, I like them both.  It’s just that Vettel hardly has the market cornered on failing to be elated after not winning, is all I’m sayin’.

As for the actual mistake he made, that I find a bit more difficult to fathom.  Was he just not paying adequate attention, or was he really not aware of that Safety Car rule?  Even after hearing his explanation, I’m still not quite understanding.  Well, in any event, I look at it this way: it’s still SO early in his career, and surely he’s learning a lot from his misfortunes this season.  Let’s just say he probably won’t fall back farther than ten car lengths while behind the Safety Car again!

On a less-hot topic, I wish there were a race broadcast — maybe something that could be viewed online simultaneously with the main broadcast — for people who give a crap what’s going on at the back of the grid and would like to keep an eye on it, thanks.  (Go Bruno, with your 17th-place finish!)  Sigh, guess I’ll just need to win the lottery, marry a prince, become a Jersey Shore cast member — something that will make me rich enough to fly around attending all the races!  ;-)


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