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Keeping Busy During the Break

Thanks to some generous and indulgent friends, I won’t need to fill the terrible void during the F1 break by resorting to anything crazy like “spending time outdoors” or “working on my dissertation.”  Here are some of the birthday presents I received this year, either directly or via gift certificate:

50 Years of Formula 1 On-Board 50 Years of Formula 1 On-Board – DVD

Aawww hell to the yes. On-board footage is one of my favorite things — I could happily watch it all day. The only thing better would be one of those simulators the drivers use, but I’m thinking I probably won’t be getting one of those bad boys anytime soon. Maybe I’ll add a Red Bull simulator to my Amazon Wish List…

Inside the Mind of the Grand Prix DriverInside the Mind of the Grand Prix Driver, by Christopher Hilton

Not the most subtle cover design I’ve ever seen on a book, but hey, that’s okay. I love Christopher Hilton’s style, which you might remember from such books as Ayrton Senna: The Whole Story, which I’m currently in the middle of. And, truly, one of the things I find most fascinating about F1 is the way the drivers’ minds work — the way they have to work to allow them to do what they do, as well as how they differ from driver to driver. How do drivers cope with the inherent danger? How much risk do they consider to be too much? What are they willing to do to win? Why are they always dating models? Wait, never mind, I think I can probably figure out that last one myself…

Grand Prix People

Grand Prix People: Revelations from Inside the Formula 1 Circus, by Gerald Donaldson

This one I’m REALLY excited about.  So excited I won’t even begin to go into the cover design.  This book, of course, is the one with the interview in which Ayrton Senna famously described, in some detail, the sort of altered state of mind he sometimes entered when he drove:

. . . I suddenly realised that I was no longer driving the car consciously. I was kind of driving it by instinct, only I was in a different dimension. It was like I was in a tunnel, not only the tunnel under the hotel, but the whole circuit for me was a tunnel.

. . . I was way over the limit, but still able to find even more. Then, suddenly, something just kicked me. I kind of woke up and I realised that I was in a different atmosphere than you normally are.

I’d quote more, but I’m sure most of you have read the entire thing a thousand times, as I have, and can practically recite it, as I can.  But I am very much looking forward to reading the rest of the book!

I’m always open to reading/viewing recommendations, by the way.  More than open to — “desperate for” might be more accurate.  I just can’t seem to get enough.  See above, re: Infatuated.  ;-)


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