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I’m Eating This Book Up with a SPOON

I knew I would almost certainly adore Inside the Mind of the Grand Prix Driver, but daaaaamn.  I can hardly put the thing down.  Here’s a quote from John Watson that I read on the way to work today.  It reminds me of. . . well, more than one recently discussed incident.

I do remember making hard passes, really putting the other driver under extreme pressure. The reason was very deliberate: I wanted to dumb you down, I wanted to almost emasculate you, I wanted to beat you, I wanted to make you whimper. I wanted you not to come back. I’m sending you a message: you’re not in the equation any more.

Yeah. I felt like I almost needed a cigarette after reading that one.  None of this “I say, I seem to be a bit quicker than you — would you mind awfully moving aside so I might pass? There’s a good man!” some people would seem to prefer.  ;-)


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