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Belgian Grand Prix: That Was a Race, Involving Numerous Cars, Etcetera

I wish I could look at the whole thing objectively as an exciting race with numerous thrilling moments and whatnot…  Well, wait, no, I take that back.  Why would I want to look at a Grand Prix objectively?  What fun would that be?  I’m a fan, not a journalist.  This isn’t my job.  I care about some drivers more than I care about others, and I get upset when drivers I care about don’t have a good day.

I (obviously) care about Bruno Senna, whose rear suspension gave out in lap 6, ending his race.  That sucked.  I mean, that really sucked.  I don’t even want to talk about that.

I (also somewhat obviously) care about Sebastian Vettel, who…well, what the hell did go right for him today?  Jeeeezus.  Hey, I think I’ll make up a drinking game: every time a pundit or a commenter on a blog uses the word “maturity” (you know — talking about his lack thereof) in reference to his race today, take a drink.  I ought to be well obliterated by the end of the day.

But I also like Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber a lot, so I’m happy for them.  Webber’s second-place finish was especially satisfying after that semi-disastrous start he had!  And kudos to Kubica, of course — it’s not like I have a problem with him or something. Yaaay.  Always kind of nice to see someone other than a Red Bull, McLaren, or Ferrari up on the podium.

No, I can admit: there were moments when I was excited to be watching this race.  Overtaking!  Spin-outs!  Unpredictable Belgian weather!  Nail-biting uncertainty about which tire to use!  It’s just that…well, if I’m honest, I wish time could be rewound and we could do the whole thing again from the beginning.  I bet it would be just as exciting (Spa! never a dull moment!), but maybe someone else’s rear suspension would give out this time around.

Now, if I’m going to follow through on my super-fun drinking game, I have a lot of booze to buy.


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