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Italian Grand Prix

Bruno Senna’s race ended prematurely once again, this time because of a hydraulics failure.  My extreme sad face created shockwaves of bummed-outedness that could be felt as far away as central Connecticut, sources report.  But I will now take Bruno’s sunny attitude and make it my own: “Next time!”

Meanwhile, the race went on, and only a couple of times did I feel like throwing a shoe at my television.  Seldom during a race have I been as disgusted as I was while listening to certain SpeedTV commentators speculating about Sebastian Vettel’s brief struggle with an engine problem.  I guess that’s just what we’re all going to have to expect from now on, though, right?  One teammate overtakes another — could it be anything other than TEAM ORDERS?  Which currently come at a bargain price of $100,000 (but will soon almost certainly be free)?  Yeah, that’s great.  I’ll save further comment for an upcoming post about team orders, which I’m sure you will be awaiting with bated breath. ;-)

All in all, though, it was an exciting race, I thought.  Those last few pit stops were especially thrilling.  Of course, there was that one pit stop that went terribly wrong — but word on the Twitter street is that “Marcel the radio man” is okay after being hit by YAM. Thanks to Karun Chandhok for that update!

Edited to add: The Hispania team is being fined $20,000 for this incident; read more about it here, on James Allen’s site.


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