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And in HRT News…

Is it just me, or has there been a larger-than-usual flurry of F1 activity in the wake of Sunday’s grand prix?  I suppose a lot of it has been personnel related, and the timing might have something to do with needing to sort some things out before the whole show leaves Europe.

Any news about the Hispania Racing Team automatically catches my attention, of course.

  • First, it’s good to hear that the HRT radio technician who was hit by Yamamoto on Sunday is doing okay, albeit with a broken leg and concussion. However, he is still hospitalized, and he won’t be traveling to Asia with the team.
  • I felt terrible when I heard about Pedro de le Rosa being dropped from Sauber in favor of Nick Heidfield — not that I have anything against Heidfield or that I even know that much about de la Rosa.  I just feel terrible for anyone in that situation.  That shit is harsh, man.  Formula 1: Not for the Faint of Heart.  However, it’s now being reported that HRT is interested in hiring him, as they “would like to have a high quality driver like Pedro as team-mate for Bruno Senna.”  Judging from what we’ve seen with the Yamamoto situation, I think we know what HRT means when they say “high quality.”  (–>$$$<–)  Although I think those might have been the words of the Spanish press, not HRT, and I’m not sure how literally to take them.  For example, IS Bruno Senna going to be with HRT in 2011, for sure? The last I read, nothing had been settled.
  • Speaking of HRT’s dire financial situation, why not let Jacques Villeneuve buy the team?  Villeneuve says that they “have a budget in place for the next three years, and the design of the car is going very well.”  I like the sound of that, although I’m not sure how much of it could be used in a takeover of an existing team.  But if it means Bruno Senna could be in a better car next year — one that (for example) might be able to accommodate a different aerodynamic package in Monza than in Monaco, that would be very happy making indeed… [Edited @ 7:40am eastern.]

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