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That, Too, Was a Race

True Confession: My first thought after the checkered flag was something along the lines of, “Hmm. . .too early for a drink?”  It was only 10:00 am my time, of course.  I tried to drag a friend out to brunch so I could indulge in a few socially acceptable mimosas, but she was having none of it.  I ended up eating a lot of ice cream instead.

After Bruno Senna’s crash, my eyes ceased to be glued to the Live Timing on my laptop, and I paid some attention to what was going on with everyone else on my TV screen.  Things did, in fact, occur.

  • Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber had a very slight crash-type incident that made me jump out of my chair. This was ruled by the stewards to be a garden-variety racing incident, much like I thought the crash between Vettel and Button was in Spa. Shows what I know!
  • Robert Kubica made like me on the sidewalks of New York City and overtook everyone in sight. Did he curse each of them under his breath and glare as he did it?  If so, then he really made like me.  (Although the guys Kubica overtook probably weren’t texting at the time.)
  • Heikki Kovalainen made like a firefighter and put out his own car fire!  That was probably my favorite thing I saw all weekend, to be honest.  As he drove his car — which was ON FIRE, by the way — carefully into the pit straight to stop, I was yelling, “GET OUT! OH MY GOD! GET OUT OF THE FRICKING CAR!”  Luckily, Heikki is made of sterner stuff than I am, and looked no more bothered than someone, say, ordering a mimosa at brunch as he pulled over, got out of the car, obtained a fire extinguisher, and began trying to put out the fire.  Heikki did concede that “it always looks dramatic when it is like that [i.e., when the car is engulfed in fricking flames].”  I concur!
  • I wanted Vettel to win this race.  He didn’t win.  Why didn’t he win?  Because he was having a terrible time trying to get even within a second of Fernando Alonso for much of the race.  As Vettel described afterward, he tried to push Alonso into a mistake, and Alonso simply did not make one.  Boy did he ever not.  Look, I make no secret of the fact that I’m not exactly an Alonso fan, but there’s obviously no denying the fact that the guy has serious hardcore mega skills.  Happily, Vettel didn’t make a mistake toward the end, either, by trying any dangerous overtaking maneuvers — although I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping he would overtake him somehow.  Ah well.

I’m going to be quite honest: This was the first time I’ve been able to watch the Singapore Grand Prix, and I don’t think I like that circuit very much — although I suppose my judgment is probably clouded at the moment.  It didn’t seem like the drivers were too crazy about it, either, though.  Hot, humid, bumpy, slippery, grueling — I suppose it makes for entertaining spectacle if you’re a “neutral fan,” and the Safety Car driver isn’t bored, but man, this whole weekend was fraught with about 200% more angst than I normally prefer.


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