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The Current State of Schrödinger’s Kimi

Still no direct observation possible, but let’s review the cloud of probabilities!

My fondest wish for the second — er, other — Renault seat is not something I see mentioned anymore, and it now seems it’s more or less down to a choice between two people: incumbent Vitaly Petrov and possibly-maybe-returning-except-most-likely-not-returning-unless-of-course-he-does-return-after-all-world-champion Kimi Räikkönen.  “News” about this continues to pop up regularly, except the only news is generally that there is no news.

Renault is, as it should be, flattered that someone of Räikkönen’s talent and achievement would consider coming to the team.  If he is truly considering it.  Which he might be.

But why?  That’s what Eric Boullier would like to know, and he’s not the only one who’s confused.  By all accounts, Räikkönen seems to be enjoying himself in rallying — something many had the impression he was not doing when he decided to leave Formula 1.  Why would he want to stop after only one season?

Well, maybe he doesn’t — not really. Niki Lauda, a man who is never at a loss for an opinion, says the very idea is ridiculous (and took the opportunity to criticize Kimi’s sad lack of achievement in rallying this year while he was at it).  Citroen, for its part, seems content to sit back and wait for Räikkönen to say “Haha just kidding — sign me up for another season!”  Which, it’s starting to seem, he might do soon.  . . . ish?

Meanwhile, Vitaly Petrov’s reaction could be described as “Seriously, guys — WTF?”

“Why would Renault choose Kimi rather than me?” Petrov told [Dutch magazine formule1.nl].

“The team knew when they started with me that I’m a rookie and I’m still learning,” he said.

He thinks he should be given another season to show what he can do.  I’m entirely sympathetic.  Plus, being Russian and bringing in Russian sponsors, as well as demanding less salary, can only be considered a bonus.

On balance, it’s starting to seem a little less likely that Kimi Räikkönen is really going to come back to F1.  (Or is it?) How long will the types of “news” stories I’ve linked to above continue to be written before there’s some actual news to report?  It’s all part of the game, I suppose…


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