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Suzuka Friday Practice: Should Everyone but Red Bull Just Go Home?

I’m among what are undoubtedly THRONGS of F1 fans here in the United States who got almost no sleep last night so they could watch Friday practice.  No doubt I’ll arrive at work and find everyone in the same zombie-like state I’m currently in.  . . . Oh, wait — no, that’s not what I mean, is it?  I actually mean everyone will look at me and say “What the hell is the matter with you?  You were watching F what?

No matter.  It’s only a matter of time before the mesmerizing McLaren screensaver on my office computer makes everyone in my department a raving Formula 1 fan. . .just you wait. . . ;-)

Regarding practice itself, I would love to believe that Red Bull’s dominance today means they’ll have pole position and then leave everyone else eating their dust during the race.  But, reading various accounts in the F1 media this morning, I’m experiencing an intense feeling of déjà vu.  I’ve been lulled into this sort of false sense of security before lately, only to have someone in a red car cruise into the picture and ruin everything.  I would be surprised if Seb and Mark aren’t feeling similarly.

And now there’s talk of massive amounts of rain being on the way — possibly so much rain that qualifying tomorrow could be seriously threatened.  A bit of rain, of course, makes things more lively for those of us watching at home, and often makes the teams toward the back of the grid happy — but Red Bull will be less than ecstatic if rain becomes an issue.  This might not be just a bit of rain, either.  This could be a postponing-qualifying-until-Sunday-morning amount of rain.

What a exciting night (by my clock) that would be — although I suppose it might be a bit a taxing day for the teams!  Whatever happens, it seems the Suzuka weather will ensure that this is anything but a run-of-the-mill race weekend.


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