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If Adrian Newey Made a Boat Out of Red Bull Cans, Its Lap Time Would Be 1:31.500

A few photos posted by the teams and drivers on Twitter last night (well, for me it was last night!), during the Saturday qualifying that did not happen because the circuit had become nothing but a long and winding river.

Mark launches the Good Ship Red Bull 6 in Suzuka... on Twitpic

...as we launch it down Suzuka's Pitlane River on Twitpic

As you can see. It's still raining. And now the boys in ... on Twitpic

A boat in the pitlane 20 mins before qualifying!! Very Rainy. on Twitpic

Our boat gets a helping hand down the pit lane river by a lea... on Twitpic

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That last one is Timo Glock and Lucas di Grassi playing poker.  For the record, though, the Virgin Racing guys might have been among the first to build boats — although they didn’t post photos, and the Red Bull boats ended up getting all the attention. I think it’s important to set the record straight, here, since all those damn boats were the main source of entertainment last night!

I know the drivers and everyone were bored, and the fans who were at the circuit were very, very drenched — but it’s always great to see Formula 1 taking a break from being SERIOUS BUSINESS.  So thank you to Red Bull, Mercedes, Lotus, Virgin, and Bruno Senna for posting these photos and giving us the opportunity!


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