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That’s What I’M Talking About

Congratulations to Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber, and the entire Red Bull team on a weekend that made it look like the Suzuka circuit really might have been designed just for you, after all. I stand by my reticence to count chickens before they hatched — but I’m also very happy to see that I could, in fact, have been talking trash about how Red Bull was going to wipe the floor with everyone on Sunday. You know. Had I been so inclined. ;-)

A few other things of note in my universe:

  • It sure wasn’t a great day for everyone out there, starting with Lucas di Grassi.  I’m not sure anyone is quite clear about exactly what happened out there when he had a big crash before the race even got started — it seems he might have simply lost control of the car — but the timing wasn’t ideal, considering Virgin hasn’t yet signed him for next season.  Not that there’s ever an ideal time for something like that.
  • It obviously wasn’t exactly a fairy tale weekend for Lewis Hamilton, either, in spite of his finishing third in qualifying.  That third-place qualifying meant he started eighth on the grid, thanks to a five-spot grid penalty; then, during the race itself, his brand new gearbox decided it had no use for third gear and did away with it completely.  All things considered, I’d say Hamilton’s fifth-place finish wasn’t bad at all for someone who had to do without third gear for much of the race!  But clearly he wanted to beat his teammate, and that didn’t end up happening.
  • I see Vitaly Petrov has received a grid penalty for the Korean Grand Prix, as punishment for his crash with Nico Hülkenberg  in the first, crashtastic lap of the race.  That’s rough.  Felipe Massa — who also had a crash in the first lap, with Tonio Liuzzi — was not penalized.
  • Exactly what the hell was up with people’s tires coming off during the race?  First Kubica, then Rosberg.  Odd.  (And why am I having trouble finding a decent story about this to link to, anyway? Anyone have a link?)
  • Bruno Senna caught up to Timo Glock by the final laps but had no opportunity (and, apparently, his car lacked the required braking prowess) to capitalize on that.  As hard as I was wishing that a few more laps would magically be tacked onto the end of the race so that he could, it was to no avail.  That always seems to happen when I wish for stuff like that.  Go figure. . .

Onward to Korea!  Which, apparently, will now almost definitely be happening.  Hooray, maybe!  Another weekend of no sleep, coming right up!


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