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If I Can Borrow Your PlayStation, You Can Use My Simulator

I’ve somehow never been entirely clear on which F1 teams have those super-fantastic, ultra-realistic simulators.  Obviously, Red Bull does, because they release those fabulous preview videos of Mark Webber and Seb Vettel doing a lap before each race.  McLaren has one, too, obviously, and Ferrari must, as well, since they have more money than GOD.  I recently saw that Virgin/Wirth Research has its own simulator, which others can rent.  However, it seems Hispania Racing, not surprisingly, neither has its own simulator nor has the spare cash to rent the Wirth simulator.  In an effort to become familiar with the new Korean circuit, Bruno Senna had no choice but to stay home practicing on his PlayStation.

“The drivers on the big teams prepared for the race in modern simulators; I stayed home for the weekend training on the PlayStation,” he recalled.

. . . “You can learn the track, learn which way to turn the corners, but it is not the same as training on the simulator, which reproduces the conditions of the track with almost 100% fidelity.”

;___;  Okay, when I get one of those simulators (soon, I’m sure!), you are free to use it whenever you want, Bruno.

(There’s an English-language article here, by the way. The above quote was very inexpertly translated from the Portuguese press release with a lot of help from Google Translate.)


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