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Korean Grand Prix Qualifying

Qualifying generally has its ups and downs for me — not surprising, considering who my favorite drivers are and their widely varying fortunes over the course of this season.  A lot of times, I’ll just keep my mouth shut about it (figuratively speaking) and not bother posting here.  Apparently, today is not one of those days.

I’m very happy for Sebastian Vettel, King Pole Position.  Can that guy pull a massively fast lap out when it counts, or what? The answer is obviously “Yes, yes he can, bitches!”  Now I suppose my question is, will Seb and Mark actually race each other this time?  Or will they sail along to another safe one-two finish, as we saw in Suzuka?  I don’t know about you guys, but I think a race would be kind of fun!  What about you?

I’m very sad for Bruno Senna.  I think I read once in an interview that he doesn’t read his own press, and I honestly hope that’s the case — because so much of it that I read is, in my opinion, pretty lazy.  I have a lot more I want to say about this — really a lot, I learned, as I was originally typing paragraph after paragraph of this post.  But I’ve now excised it so that I can develop it more fully for a future post, rife with DAMNING EVIDENCE and whatnot.  Because, although I, too, am often lazy, I’d rather not be about this.  I owe that much to both my readers!  ;-)

Well, anyway, onward to the race.  I hear there might be some rain in the morning beforehand.  In fact, I just saw James Allen reporting on Twitter that at midnight it was raining pretty hard there, presumably washing all the rubber off the track. . .


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