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Mark Webber Provides Further Comment…and Then Some

So. . .yes!  Mark Webber has commented further on the crash in Korea.

Webber responded sarcastically to [Gerhard Berger’s] remarks on Thursday by saying: “First of all, I lost control of the car and then I’ve regained control and tried to take someone out. I’m a bit of a genius, aren’t I?”

He added: “Gerhard has had some pretty nasty accidents in his time and so have I. I would never put myself or anyone else in any more danger than I need to.”

Okay!  Good enough for me!  Thanks, Mark!

As I’m sure everyone knows, though, that wasn’t nearly all he had to say during that press conference yesterday.  Not by a long shot.  When pressed to answer the question of whether Sebastian Vettel is the driver with the “emotional” backing of the Red Bull team, his answer has generally been reported as “It’s obvious, isn’t it?”  His actual answer, however, seems to have been slightly more colorful: insert “fucking” just before “obvious,” and there you have it.  (James Allen, in comments here, confirmed Webber’s deployment of the “F” bomb.)  Not a huge difference, but definitely an indication of a slightly less mild tone than I’d originally been imagining!

See, this is exactly the sort of press conference I wish I could watch and listen to, as opposed to simply reading the transcripts and/or the reporting.  Further indication of Webber’s tone during this conference comes from Planet F1:

At times the Australian wore an air of resignation, sat slumped in his chair, shrugged his shoulders and there were a number of lengthy silences before he answered questions.

During this same conference, he also stated that his stand-out, often championship-leading performance this season has been “quite inconvenient” to the Red Bull team.  It has also been hinted that there was something a bit sinister about Gerhard Berger’s aforementioned “allegations” being broadcast on Red Bull–run television, although I’m not sure Webber’s agreement here indicates anything more than general surprise that Berger made the comments at all, regardless of where they were aired:

Asked if he was surprised to see the Austrian’s comments aired on a Red Bull-run television station, Webber answered: “Absolutely.”

(The above quote is from ESPNF1.)

I’m really not sure what to make of any of this, although indications seem to point to Mark Webber being pretty unhappy with his situation on the team at the moment.  Now the rumor is that he plans to quit after the season ends, regardless of whether he wins and in spite of his contract being in place for 2011.  I sincerely hope this isn’t the case.  He could win this championship, and after that he could win another.  Watching him this season, I don’t know how anyone, including him, could believe that isn’t possible.  Of course, whether giving it another try with Red Bull in 2011 would make him happy is another story entirely.


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