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Brazilian Grand Prix Qualifying and My Psychic Powers

An emotional roller coaster of a qualifying session, that was!

And I’ll tell you one thing that doesn’t make things any easier: the GIANT, HONKING time lag between qualifying reality and qualifying as presented by SpeedTV.  So, for example, I see the fact that Bruno Senna spins out and ends up qualifying last, first via the live timing, then via the BBC text commentary — and then I get to spend a very unpleasant ten minutes or so waiting to see the actual bad thing happen on my television screen.  (More on this in a moment.)

Look, SpeedTV guys — I know you feel the need to start your qualifying coverage with a lengthy Will Buxton segment, in an attempt to create the appropriate dramatic atmosphere for the viewers and all that (and far be it from me to complain about today’s Senna segment!), but could you please, PLEASE do this by starting your broadcast a half hour before quali actually begins?  I and my blood pressure will thank you.

So Will Buxton caught up with Bruno Senna after Q1, and Bruno was about as pissed off as I’d ever heard him.  Okay, there was the, um, dog thing — he sounded way more pissed off then — but let’s just say the guy did not sound at all happy today, and with amply good reason.  He said the problem was down to an error in strategy.  Will Buxton wanted to know whether he meant strategy with regard to car setup in terms of downforce, and Bruno answered, very tersely, “No. Tire strategy.”  End of interview.

According to this story on GPUpdate.net, because the team chose not to change his tires toward the end of the session, he wasn’t able to fully take advantage of the improving track conditions.  According to him, on Twitter just now, they “changed strategy and had no tyres left at the end.”  In any case, here’s hoping tomorrow goes better for him.

After I had done some quality sulking, the time came to put the computer aside for Q3, so that I wouldn’t find out who got pole position from the internet before I got to see it happen on my TV.  Today I was very, VERY glad I did that!  Watching Nico Hülkenberg on those last couple of laps was just. . .I don’t even know!  Shocking and joyful and fantastic and unbelievable.  I was in tears.  As James Allen very perfectly put it, Nico’s performance was nothing short of “swashbuckling.”  Obviously, I’m a Red Bull fan, and I wanted one of those two gentlemen to be on poll — but I think you’d have to be cold and dead inside not to feel at least a little happy, watching what happened today.

Also, I would like to state for the record  that I predicted a native German speaker would be on pole — and I even have witnesses!  *cough*  So. . .I wonder what might happen if I were to predict that, say, an Australian will win the race tomorrow.  On the basis of today’s results, I’m thinking Alan Jones might show up, leap into a car, and show these guys how it’s done. . .


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