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Allow Me to Extend a Triumphant “Number 1” Finger

I’ll tell you a secret: I had a feeling Webber would qualify last among the four contenders.  As usual, you will just have to take my word for that, I’m afraid.  I didn’t say it out loud or put it in writing anywhere on the intertubes, because as soon as the feeling was, er, felt, I immediately denied its existence.

Feeling: So the way I see it, Webber might not qualify so well–


Feeling: I’m just saying, is all–


My intellect (such as it is) insisted that any one of the four championship contenders had a very good chance of being on pole, but that annoying feeling in my gut just would not go away.  Still not sure what the root of it was.  Maybe something about Webber’s (apparent) mood this weekend, compared with the (apparent) moods of the others.  Or maybe I’m just talking out of my ass because I have no idea where the feeling came from.  Ah, yes, that sounds more likely.

Vettel, though. . . I wanted him to be on pole.  Kind of a lot.  As I am one of perhaps five or six native-English-speaking people who genuinely likes the guy, this is probably not surprising.  I wanted him to be, at the age of twenty-three, tied with some of the legends of Formula 1 for ten pole positions in a season.  I’d love to see him be the youngest world champion.  I’d love to see him be the youngest driver to — I don’t know — take his fricking car past the sound barrier.  You name the achievement, and I’ll be over the moon if Seb is the youngest F1 driver to accomplish it.

So, yes — very happy to see Vettel on pole.  And now, I will spend the rest of the day contemplating the 6.02 × 1023 possible permutations of the title race outcome.  For example, if Vettel wins, Webber manages to pass Alonso, Hamilton comes third, Button goes fastest in sector 2 on lap 27, Massa uses .7 mL less fuel than Hamilton on laps 35–43, the wind is out of the southwest at 7 mph or greater, and Rosberg snags fastest lap of the race, then Vettel and Webber will actually be co-world champions and will have to share the trophy, which, in accordance with FIA regulations, will spend alternating weekends on each of their mantels.  Seriously — I’ve done the math, people.

Will it give us wings? Only time will tell.

Well, math isn’t everything, of course.  Superstition is also of utmost importance for tomorrow’s race.  Therefore, a friend and I will be drinking our very first cans of Red Bull Energy Drink.  No, I’ve never tried the stuff.  I’ve always assumed it would taste sort of like a liquefied ass sandwich.  Tomorrow morning, we will both find out for sure!  (She is primarily a Webber fan, by the way. We will see whether the power of her can of Red Bull trumps the power of mine. Personally, I will be quite happy either way.)

Now. . .just one other thing.  As you probably know, there was a big group photo taken yesterday — a “Class of 2010” photo with the drivers, team principals, and Bernie Ecclestone.  There were three drivers missing: Michael Schumacher (the absence everyone is talking about the most), Timo Glock, and Bruno Senna.  I find this rather gutting for Bruno, especially, considering this is his rookie season and he has not yet signed onto a team for next year.  The thing I keep reading is that he was busy talking to the stewards about the incident with Hamilton that happened during Friday practice.  Yeah, okay — so then why was Hamilton able to make it there in time to be in the picture?  It’s my understanding that they both had to meet with the stewards about the incident.  Right?  Well, I read this on Motorsport.com (emphasis mine):

According to another report in Brazil’s Globo, Senna apologised for not showing up, insisting that his team had not informed him in time after being summoned to the stewards to explain his practice incident with Lewis Hamilton.

Seriously, HRT?  Seriously? If this is all being reported correctly, I don’t even know what to say about it.  Sure, maybe it was all a big mistake.  A BIG mistake, but hey, who knows?  However, Colin Kolles has always struck me as someone with a certain amount of contempt for particular people on his team, and this is doing nothing to disabuse me of that notion.


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