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Hollywood Ending

I predict a Hollywood ending, with the worst case scenario that we don’t become champion but if that’s the case, we’ll do it next year. Our philosophy stays the same because this is a sport and it must remain a sport.

That, of course, was Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz, quoted just a few days ago on the subject of whether his team would use team orders to ensure the drivers’ world championship.  Interestingly, Red Bull’s refusal to employ team orders — specifically, to move Sebastian Vettel over for Mark Webber in the last race, as many people very, er, let’s say firmly believed they ought to have done — did not actually result in them “throwing away the championship” or “handing the championship to Ferrari” or “making them laughingstocks,” as predicted.  Quite the opposite, wouldn’t you agree?  But, of course, others are going into that in more learned detail elsewhere, and I’m a little tired of listening to my own babbling about team orders at the moment.  So I’m going to concentrate on something else for a bit.


Apparently, I’m just going to burst into tears of joy at random times throughout the rest of the day.  I’ve seen a lot of people now complaining that it was a boring race today, but you wouldn’t have known it to be in the room with me while I was watching.  I was bouncing off the walls, particularly during those last ten laps.  Although I suppose it’s possible that can of Red Bull might have contributed something to that. . .

But seriously — was there a dry eye in the viewing audience, listening to Seb cry on the radio?  Come on, admit it.  It seems that even many of the haters were a little bit moved.  I’ve read a hell of a lot of comments on the interweb today that start with “I am no Vettel fan, but. . .” — after which they go on to say something about how they suppose he deserved it, and some even say nicer things than that!  Such a lovefest out there today.

I am sad that Mark Webber’s weekend went the way it did.  He just didn’t quite seem to be on his game, for whatever reason.  I mean it when I say I honestly would have been thrilled to see either him or Seb win this year’s championship.  But there’s always next year, and from what I’ve read today, Mark will definitely be giving it another try with Red Bull.  I am both happy and a bit relieved!  Watching and listening to him lately, I just didn’t know what to expect.

I’m really trying to leave this post largely negativity free, but I feel compelled to conclude with just a little note to Fernando Alonso:  Dude, your teammate might be required to move over for you when you whine about not being able to overtake him, but drivers on other teams? Um, yeah, they sort of aren’t. Just, you know, FYI.  Of course Petrov is going to be aggressive: he’s racing for his job. (And here’s hoping he’s able to keep it!)


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