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F1 Reporting Interests Me, Part 1

I don’t know if you guys find the way the same story can be reported on two different web sites as amusing as I do.  Yeah, probably not.  Still. . .

Sebastian Vettel, in a column published in Bild, describes (among other things) his thoughts on the possibility of driving for other another, more legendary F1 team someday.  Planet F1 (not exactly the most Vettel-friendly web site on the internet, I should mention) reports on this column in a story with the following headline:

“Vettel dreams of a Ferrari or Merc drive”

Autosport.com, on the other hand, reports on precisely the same column with this headline:

“Vettel not tempted by legendary teams”

I think the latter of these two headlines is the slightly more accurate one, although neither quite captures the full story.  Here’s what I might have come up with:

“Vettel: All drivers dream of Ferrari, but ‘the myth is not enough'”

Right?  Just let me know to whom to direct my resume, F1 news sites.  ;-)


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