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Valencia Testing: I Was Watching

And when I say “watching” I mean “watching the live timing on the Williams web site, which, by day three, was starting to bug me a bit, because that fake time Karthikeyan got on day two was still up there improving his overall ranking as though it wasn’t totally fake — although if I know Colin Kolles, he’s probably ignoring the fakeness and going around announcing how great it is to have finally a driver who’s able to show the F110’s full, awesome potential, unlike some Bruno Sennas he could mention.”

I obviously didn’t mean I was watching watching, as in able to use my eyeballs to follow the progress of actual cars as they drove around the circuit. I’m in the United States, and therefore such a feat would have required television/video coverage of some sort, of which there was none. But am I alone in saying I’d pay for something like that? If, say, there were a web site or sites willing and able to stream coverage of F1 testing live, I would be willing to pay for it. I can’t imagine I’m alone in that, considering how desperate fans are at this point in the year. I’m just saying, is all.

As for testing itself, it’s obviously too early to make much of what we did “see,” especially for largely ignorant people like me. Today I actually saw at least one person (a fan) predict that Robert Kubica will win the 2011 championship. It’s possible that this person was even serious, although sometimes I find F1 fans hard to read in that respect. For example, I also saw several people declare in apparent seriousness that the shark fin on the RB7 is there solely to accommodate the tail on a larger Red Bull logo. Surely, this ludicrous suggestion, which was echoed by several people, was meant in jest — or was it? Who can tell? Not me, apparently. Deadpan humor that isn’t that funny doesn’t always translate well online, I think.

In any case, I think I prefer to focus on the opinion of former F1 designer Sergio Rinland, who says it is his belief that the RB7 is at “a higher level” than the other cars, and what’s left for other teams to do at this point is marvel at its greatness and wish their car was even close to being that awesome. He used the words “neat” and “clean” numerous times in his description of the RB7; these are properties I imagine are as desirable to an F1 design professional from an engineering standpoint as they are to me from both a general and aesthetic standpoint. So, although it might be slightly premature after just three days of testing, I’ll just go ahead and congratulate Adrian Newey and his Red Bull posse on building the RB7, which I hope will neat and clean its way to another championship in 2011.

Other miscellaneous things I’ve woken up contemplating over the past few days:

  • I love the looks of the Renault this season. LOVE. Best-looking 2011 car I’ve seen so far, in my opinion. I think I was alone in really disliking the old yellow livery, but I LOVE the new JPS-like theme and the way it’s playing out on this car, which reminds me of a panther poised and ready to strike.
  • And I’m not just saying that because that team is now employing Bruno Senna. But I’m glad they are. That was a good move, as was their recent link up with Jackie Stewart. Gonna be hard to hate them now, isn’t it? Yeah, you know it is.
  • Poor Felipe Massa. Ridiculously reliable F150 bursting into flames? W.T.F.
  • So I see that Red Bull is going with KERS this year. I just — seriously, guys. Please tell me Mark Webber won’t have to try to lose any more weight. This concept concerns me. Not that I think he couldn’t do it, because he is the Man of Steel, and there’s pretty much nothing related to personal discipline he couldn’t kick the ass of.

Okay, show of hands: Who’s taking March 11 off work/school to watch the first Friday practice of the season?!

Come on. Like you’re going to get work done that day?


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