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Formula 1 TV Series? YES PLEASE.

Last week’s issue of New York magazine featured a series of articles on television. In one of them, an article about the US cable channel AMC, an upcoming (well, hopefully it’s still upcoming) series about “an American who enters the Formula 1 scene” in 1960s Italy is briefly mentioned. The article also says a “current racer” was brought in to help pitch the idea.

I know I read about this series a while back, but I can’t remember many details, and I definitely don’t remember a current racer being involved. Any idea who it was? This would have been sometime during the period March 7–9. The article didn’t actually specify that it was a current F1 racer, so I suppose it could have been just about anyone. In fact, come to think of it, this would have coincided with preseason testing in Barcelona, so it almost certainly wasn’t a current F1 driver.

In any case, I REALLY hope this series ends up getting made and aired. AMC series tend to be held in very high regard here (think Mad Men), and something like this has the potential to get a lot of people interested in the sport. Fingers crossed…


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