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A relative newcomer to Formula 1, I began following the sport at the start of the 2009 season.  However, I’m already more obsessed with it than is probably healthy.  I started this blog as it was becoming clear that I needed an outlet for this enthusiasm other than babbling at my friends, who know nothing of F1 and were, I think, about to start beating me about the head with blunt objects in the hopes that it might shut me up.  (It probably wouldn’t have.)

Also — yes, I am American.  Hence all the strangely spelled words and unusual punctuation.

Likes: Bruno Senna, Sebastian Vettel, aggressive driving, the term “Super Licence.”

Dislikes: Team orders, whining, teams that hire known race fixers, when people say “KERS system.”

Contact: f1 dot infatuated at gmail dot com.

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